NutriEdge Holistic Salmon And Rice Dry Dog Food 19.9kg

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Nutri edge Pet Foods were developed by expert nutritionists and professional breeders for people with life long commitments to their pets. This legacy of care and commitment can now extend into the lives of your pets in the form of Nutri edge products. Since 1978, the manufacturer of Nutri edge has been creating a revolution in the pet food industry. Nutri edge has a genuine faith in the value of science in improving the quality of life for people and pets. Nutri edge is proud to introduce its complete line of Super Premium Dog Foods which includes the highest quality ingredients with better taste and a higher nutritional value. The professional nutritionists and breeders who developed the Nutri edge Salmon and Rice formula paid special attention to balancing proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy skin and coat throughout your pet's life. Nutri edge Salmon and Rice is scientifically formulated with your pet's sensitive skin in mind.

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