Angel® Premium product provide daily needs for cats and dogs and only use excellent ingredients for healthy diet.

Briter Bunny

Briter Bunny is a complete formulated pellet food for your most endearing pet rabbit. It is fortified with Biotin to promote skin and fur health for a healthy shine. Fortified with Beta-Carotene found in carrots as Antioxidant delaying cell aging for all life stages of rabbit. Contains multi-vitamins including Vitamin C which supports the immune system and reduce stress. An Ideal rabbit food for your pets.


Europet always provide highly innovative ideas, creativity and a strong sense of solidarity have come together, combining their many years of purchasing and sales experience and expertise in product development. The result is an internationally oriented European company that offers you a full selection of high quality goods at a fair price.

Dr Luv Care

Premium quality dog food for more love and care.


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Nutri Edge

Nutri Edge Pet Foods were developed by expert nutritionist and professional breeders for people with life long commitments to their pets. This legacy of care and commitments can now extend into the lives of your pets in the form ofNutri Edge products.


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Miao Miao

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IQ Cat

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NaturLife understand how the cat owners always care about the health and the look of the cats therefore we have formulated NaturLife cat and dog snack : (Hair and Skin Care Formula ). The balanced level that would benefit the hair and skin of the cats and dogs.

Rabbit Diet

Worldwide leading pet food company that was established to serve the needs of the pet care industry. We are constantly improving our products to meet the industry standards. Thus, you can ensure that our products and services are of high quality. We believe that our goods and services will create an even greater bond between you and your pets.

Merry Mealtime Cat

Merry Mealtime is the time for a double treat: the taste sensation that makes life a pleasure, and the nutritional value that prepares the body to meet every challenge. Merry Meal Time cat food has great taste of mixed seafood with outstanding nutrition value from many vitamins and minerals. Every meal time is certainly a merry time for your cat, and for you. Packed in 16 inner bags to make feeding and storage more convenient and FRESH

US Cat

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Dr Gray's Best Breed

Founded by a veterinarian, Dr. Gary Cotton, DVM (“Dr. Gary”), Best Breed is a privately-held maker of all-natural super premium pet foods that are holistically formulated to promote the health and well-being of your pets.

The Best Breed story begins in 1994 at Dr. Gary’s clinic in Northwest Ohio. Early in his career, as a Veterinarian in private clinical practice, Dr. Gary began observing what he felt to be nutritionally-induced health conditions such as digestive complications, mobility challenges, and skin issues. He knew that all of us, as pet lovers, could improve our best friend’s health and happiness by simply changing their diet.

To do this, Dr. Gary began recommending changes to his clients’ diets — oftentimes it would be as easy as adding omega fatty acids, glucosamine, amino acids, eggs, or fresh vegetables to their current diets. After several years of observing the benefits of altering his clients’ diets by modifying pet foods that were available at the time, Dr. Gary came to the simple conclusion that surely an all-natural diet could be developed to holistically address these issues./p>